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 About The Festival

Brazilian Cinema is a national treasure that needs to be nurtured and protected. But it’s necessary to remember, that like literature, cinema has no value without people to watch it. And the same way that we “make” readers, it’s also important to incentivize and “make” audiences.


Our intent is to, through a fun and whimsical platform, contribute to the support of Brazilian cinema and the formation of future audiences, teaching the young public to relish in national productions and cinema from around the world.

In this way we are able to support the art form and create in kid’s culture, the pleasure and taste for film.


We believe that young audiences are supposed to be plural and inclusive and for that reason our festival opens it’s “windows” to all the targets in this sector of spectators.


We use the window “Told Stories” (Janela Histórias Contadas) to cater to not only those with special needs, but also to educate youth about these special needs.


Our “School Window” program (Janela Escolar) vies to empower educators from the public school system, giving them access to films that help in educating our children. Just another powerful tool that not only forms audiences but also concretizes Brazilian culture and educates.


All our sessions are free of charge and we give fun and educational workshops so that the kids can dive deeper into this incredible universe.


Every year we utilize themes for the festival, trying to open the concepts of not only our target audiences but also our own.


At our first edition the theme was Cinema and Literature; a journey through the world of reading, working the imagination and fantasy. At the second, Cinema and Light; a reminder that film is a language written in light. At this third edition the theme will be Cinema and Sound, telling stories não only through the eyes of the producers but also through the ears.


We hope you can come on this beautiful trip with us, flying over buildings and antennas till we come to an invisible world hidden inside a movie projector.


For more information, concerns, complaints, interests in participating contact us.


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